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Pupil Safety

PVG Record Disclosure number 200000010361985 dated 07/07/2019

DBS (England) 001738735070 dated 19/06/2021

Although Ord holds a recent PVG Disclosure, for the peace of mind of all concerned, he prefers that there’s another adult – preferably the pupil’s parent – in the house when he’s tutoring. If only a youngster is present Ord will wait outside (but expect full payment) unless he and the parent have previously agreed otherwise.

Because tutor and pupil sit ideally side by side at a table – Ord dislikes having to write upside down – professionalism demands that it is conducted in a room, preferably with the door open, where someone can walk in at any time. As a former tutee, as well a parent himself, Ord has seen the issue from all sides.  In this day and age, protection is a two-way street.

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