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Some kind words from Former Students and Happy Parents

I just wanted to let you know that [daughter] got an A in her Higher Maths.  She was delighted of course, as was I!  Because of Covid and lockdown we didn’t really get a chance to thank you for your wonderful tuition, without which that A would not have been achieved.  It’s been so lovely to see [daughter]  thrive and gain confidence in Maths as a result of your tuition.

Mother of KG – The Mary Erskine School 2020

You will no doubt remember your mammoth efforts with my daughter! She still remembers her time spent with you with great affection and although the maths was a struggle you did great work with her and her self-esteem.

Mother of EB – Portobello High School 2021

[Son] got an A in Maths!  He credits you with getting him there - as do we.  Your coaching/teaching style worked so well for him.

Mother of HM – Stewart’s Melville College 2018

I really appreciate all the help you have given me as I never thought I could get an ‘A’.

JL – The Mary Erskine School 2019

[Daughter] really enjoyed her Higher tutorials with you and she loved your approach to teaching

Mother of SI - The Royal High School 2013

I got my results back and got a C [at Higher]!! I am happy as I found it hard and thought I might of [sic] failed.  Thank you so much for all your hard work this year, I couldn’t of [sic] done it without you.

SF – The Royal High School 2018

To think [daughter] didn't even pass the prelim and she now has an A (at Nat 5) is simply wonderful. You made it enjoyable  for her.

Mother of CR - Boroughmuir High School 2014


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