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How it Works

Library of VISUAL Aids

Since Ord usually spends only an hour a week with each pupil, it is important to make the very best use of that limited time.  Since rushing would be unhelpful, Ord has evolved a different strategy and brings to each Maths topic the creativity of an advertising campaign.  He uses a library of original, unorthodox and colourful teaching sheets to aid understanding as well as memory-retention. He carries this library to each tutorial and hands-out copies of those sheets which he thinks will help (plus usually an A4 display book in which to store them.)


How often, how long and what if I need to cancel?

An hour a week, at a regular time, is ideal.

Cancellation is without penalty provided 24 hours notice is given, otherwise full payment will be incurred.

Age Group

Ord prefers to tutor S3 and upward, although he does tutor younger pupils as well, with the proviso that

if there were more SQA applicants than he could fit-in

he might require a younger pupil to pause their tuition.

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