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Usually through no fault of their own, many youngsters – and some adults – suffer from ‘Muddled Maths’.

Ord delights in helping to cure this distressing affliction through weekly one-to-one tuition.  


For over 30 years he has criss-crossed Edinburgh to his pupils’ homes, earning himself the title of ‘Maths Tutor on a Scooter’.  

Following lockdown, he has become ‘Maths Tutor on a Computer’ as well. Ord is frequently told that his friendly professionalism has really increased his pupils’ confidence; this fuels his enthusiasm, which in turn rubs back off on them.  


He enjoys tuition so much that he is currently volunteering in a local secondary school, working with Nat 5 and Higher candidates during the day, in addition to his evening paid tuition.

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0131 337 9426

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